Refurbishment of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Tower

If the Ebene Cyber City is recognised to be key initative of Government for the transformation of Mauritius into a cyber island, the construction of Cyber Tower has been a precursor for the successful development of the ICT sector that followed from 2005 onwards.

Although this prestigious building is being thoroughly maintained by specialist contractors, with the passage of time and after 13 years of service an overall lifting and a review of its components is necessary.

Following a tender exercise, a team of consultants was retained to carry out the following tasks:

  • Undertake a full Condition Survey of the building
  • Prepare a list of works that would need to be carried out on a priority basis with related cost estimates
  • Prepare detailed design and tender documents for procurement of works

The Condition Survey report is being finalised for the consideration of Landscope and for a decision on the works to be undertaken as a matter of priority.

The plan of Landscope is to restore the Cyber Tower to its pristine condition and offer services at the highest level to the 50 tenants and 3000 people working within.

The full extent of the refurbishment works are scheduled to be completed over two financial years, starting in January 2019.  By that time the projected urban repair works at Ebene Cyber City will also have gone a long way.

It is to be noted that Government  has decided to rename the Cyber Tower 1 as Sri Atal Bihari Vajpaye Tower in recognition of the contribution of the Government of India at the material time he was the Prime Minister of India.