Riche Terre Business Parks

After Government re-possessed 500 arpents of State Land for the setting up of an industrial zone in Riche Terre in 2007, in 2012 Government invested heavily in bringing electricity and water to the site and constructing a link road to M2 motorway. In 2015, Government renegotiated the lease with Jinfei and took back 325 arpents for the setting up of a business and industrial park. The development and management of the Riche Terre Business and Industrial Park has been entrusted to Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd. The latter signed the first sub-lease agreement with Celero Properties Ltd on 27 June 2018 to give life to a project that had been initiated some 11 years ago.

Infrastructure works have recently started on site, and the Riche Terre Business & Industrial Park is expected bring investment of about Rs 6,150,000,000 and create some 2,171 jobs.

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