Our Projects

Les Salines Riviere Noire

Back in 2004 Government prepared the ‘Les Salines Peninsula’ Master Plan, comprising 8 hotel sites to attract investment in hotel projects. Five sites in Les Salines were leased to hotel promoters, but none of these projects were able to proceed as there was no access from the main road to these sites.

In 2016, Landscope (Mauritius) was entrusted with the construction of an access road of 3.3km so that these sites could be serviced. Works started in 2017 and have been completed on the 15 October 2018, for a total cost of Rs485M.

This access road will allow the construction of 8 hotel projects planned for the period 2019-2022 for a total investment value of Rs15 billion. It is expected that some 2500 jobs will be created over the next 4 years. A cost sharing mechanism between the private promoters was devised and coordinated by the Ministry of Housing and Lands, Economic Development Board and Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd for the funding of the cost of the new access road.