Ebene Urban Regeneration

Although Ébène Cyber City is characterized by modern buildings and is almost fully built up, there has been limited development of the public realm.

It is common knowledge that Ébène faces a number of challenges that need to be addressed before long.  The main ones include; traffic congestion, inadequate parking, pedestrian facilities, street hawkers, safety and security.

Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd has appointed a team of foreign and local Consultants comprising of IYER Architects in partnership with GIBB and Hooloomann Associates to prepare an urban regeneration framework for improving the precincts.

The Consultants have submitted their report which will be implemented in three phases.

  • The first phase will focus on improving the physical infrastructure of the Cyber City, overcoming parking and traffic problem and enhancing the public realm. This is planned for execution within six months and works on certain items have started already. Hawkers have been settled within a dedicated zone and double yellow lines have been painted along main roads.
  • We are working in close collaboration with our stakeholders to bring about a tangible transformation of the Ébène precinct.