State Land Property Development: Landscope Mauritius Ltd unveils Logo

The newly rebranded entity regrouping all state entities predominantly involved in real estate development and property management, namely Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd, launched its logo on 3rd February 2017 at the Cyber Tower 1 in Ebène.
Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd which is operational since November last year emanated following a merger of the State Land Development Company Limited; the State Property Development Company Limited; Business Parks Mauritius Limited; Belle Mare Tourist Village Ltd; Le Val Development Ltd; and Les Pailles Conference Centre Ltd.
It is part of a major public sector reform programme engaged in the development of state land property in view of eliminating potential or actual overlapping of functions by the above mentioned entities for a greater overall efficiency.
Its core objective is to achieve higher value-added through the mutualisation of precious resources for a smarter management and leapfrogging onto a new paradigm for developing and managing Government’s real-estate assets.
Speaking at the launching of logo ceremony, the Chairperson of Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd, Mr Gérard Sanspeur, explained the rationale of Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd, which will focus mostly on urban regeneration and in developing new cities. According to him, Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd wants to emerge as a leader in urban regeneration and a developer and all its actions will be part of sustainable development. He further added that Mauritius wants to develop a long-term partnership with Reunion Island partners who have great expertise similar to what Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd is planning to do.
Among the major projects of Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd are: the new city project at Highlands, the urban regeneration of Ebène and Port Louis.
It will be recalled that on the same occasion a workshop with representatives of Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd and of public entities shouldering similar responsibilities in Reunion Island was held. The aim was to acquire expertise in the development of new cities, urban planning, urban regeneration and real estate projects.