Allafrica: Landscope Mauritius to Launch Call for Proposals for the Creation of Data Technology Park

A call for proposal in regards the setting up of a Data Technology Park at Côte d’Or will shortly be launched by Landscope Mauritius. This is in line with Government’s vision to give a new impetus to the local economy as announced in the Budget 2020/2021 by the Minister of Finance, Dr Padayachy. Both local and international investors as well as promoters will be targeted for this project.

The Data Technology Park will comprise twelve well-equipped and specialised centres namely the ICT Operations Centre; the Business Operation Centre; the Centre for Sustainable Technologies; the Centre for Additive Manufacturing and Design Innovation; the Centre for Deep Artificial Intelligence; the Centre for Advanced Science; the Centre for Accelerated Technical Training; the Centre for Logistics and Services; the Centre for Food Technology; the Centre for Health and Wellness; the Centre for Media and Communications; and the Centre for Reform and Policy.

This Park will help lay the foundation for an economy based on data, technology and innovation as well as provide an appropriate ecosystem to accelerate the innovation process. The project is expected to bring significant impact in the creation of direct and indirect employment, thus ensuring the overall enhancement of the economy. The advent of technology will also benefit the education sector,.

Such initiatives have generated positive results worldwide in countries like the United Kingdom, Singapore, India and Israel, among others.

Source:- Alla Africa