Cote D’Or City Project

The Government of Mauritius has decided to develop, through Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd., the Cote d’Or Smart City project over a total area of about 920 hectares (2,179 arpents) to redefine and modernise the physical landscape of Mauritius. This new Smart City will promote the development of projects with a view to boosting economic activities and will also include an administrative city to accommodate some key government departments/offices.

In addition to providing a well-regulated, high-quality and pedestrian friendly city with a variety of public realm to make walking pleasurable, Cote D’Or will also be a strong symbol of an advanced and modern society and will have the following other objectives:

  • to provide for a new form of urban planning fostering mixed-use developments that would reduce car dependence to facilitate access to employment, retail and community facilities.
  • to facilitate new development which supports the efficiency of public transport systems where available, and provide safe, direct access to the system for residents.
  • Will include a state-of-the-art sports complex at Cote D’Or that will host the “Jeux des Îles de L’Océan Indien 2019” and also allow Mauritius to position itself as a sports hub

This project will benefit from the incentives of the Smart City Scheme set by the Government under the Investment Promotion Act and Investment Promotion (Smart City Scheme) Regulations 2015 which provides for many incentives to smart city projects that will be beneficial for the Smart City Company, the Smart City Developer/s, the Smart City Management Company, purchaser of residential unit, non-citizen investors, etc.