SME Units

Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd was commissioned by the Government of Mauritius to construct 215 SME units over the country.

The SME Park at La Tour Koenig is one such example and contains 40 workshops with ground areas of 75 m² and 100 m².

Similar SME workshops have been created in SME Parks of Roche-Bois, Solitude, Plaine Magnien, Ecroignard and La Valette SME Parks and they host quite a diverse group of small entrepreneurs.

Our engagement in La Valette, near Bambous, also led us to develop, in 2008/2009, a model village, upon a request from the National Empowerment Foundation. The project consisted in integrating 198 housing units with on-site and off-site services on a 20-arpent plot of state land.

The housing units are 50 m² each and can be expanded horizontally and vertically. In addition to the standard facilities, each of the housing units is provided with solar water heater and water tank for rain water harvesting. 76 units were handed over in April 2009 and the remaining in December 2009.