Port-Louis Regeneration

Over the last three decades, Port Louis, the Mauritian capital city, has seen a spectacular growth of its skyline. Quite a few historical buildings were pulled down to allow for this rise.

Elsewhere in the city, rather than restoring their urban premises, residents chose to migrate towards less costly suburban neighbourhoods.

Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd is mandated to play a leading role in rejuvenating Port Louis city, striving to put to a halt the city’s degradation and restore its former prestige.

Port Louis Waterfront Renovation

After almost 20 years of existence, Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd has embarked in major renovation works of the Port Louis Waterfront, to be undertaken in two phases.

The first part of phase 1 has started off with the refurbishment of the existing Coaster sheds, L’Astrolab and Esplanade. The expected completion date is October 2018. The second part of renovation of L’Astrolab will start in January 2019 for expected completion in October 2019.

This will develop and strengthen the cultural image of the capital city of Port Louis.

Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd believes that such development will foster the emergence of a new breed of entrepreneurs revolving around local cultural and heritage values and local traditions.

The renovation works of the Port Louis Waterfront aims at triggering and exploiting the potential economic and cultural benefits generated by blending heritage and cultural activities with leisure, retail and hospitality facilities offered by a regenerated waterfront. It will develop cross-linked opportunities across different economic sectors namely leisure, retail, hospitality by setting up a cultural and leisure district.

Redevelopment of Granary and Surrounding areas

The second phase of the renovation of Port Louis Waterfront will concern the redevelopment of the Granary, the Postal Museum and Aapravasi Ghat. The objective is to attract cultural tourism based on the heritage and cultural environment of the Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage Property and to channel tourists to the Waterfront.

Landscope’s vision advocates the use of heritage and cultural assets as a driver for sustainable development on the Port Louis Waterfront precisely because heritage and cultural assets have a distinctive character which can be exploited for social and economic benefits. The goal is for the preservation, enhancement and adaptive re-use of heritage buildings while diminishing the threat of their demolition and degradation, to complement and enrich the waterfront value proposition. Landscope firmly believes that the complementary development of the waterfront and the heritage and cultural assets falling within the buffer zone of Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage Property shall be a major contributor to the regeneration of our capital city of Port Louis into a world class city, with a uniqueness originating from our country’s rich cultural diversity and history.