The Government of Mauritius has entrusted the management of the Riche Terre Business & Industrial Park of an extent of 325 Arpents to Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd. The Business & Industrial Park is strategically located at Riche Terre which is 3kms or a 10 mins drive from Port Louis harbour.

The park is accessed via a dual carriage way off Jinfei roundabout from the M2 Motorway. The M2 Motorway is being widened from Mer Rouge (Port Louis harbour) roundabout to Jinfei (Riche Terre) roundabout with a third lane dedicated solely to heavy goods vehicles.

The business & industrial park has been developed to accommodate a variety of needs, namely: port related logistics activities, manufacturing, light & heavy industries and warehousing. It also offers possibility for demarcating specific areas as freeport zones.

The business & industrial park benefits from 14.40m wide roads and 7.80m roads internally and it is envisaged to extend the 14.40m wide road by about 275m to unlock plots located at the far right corner of the site. Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd is responsible for the maintenance, cleaning and embellishment of the 7.80m road reserves and green spaces across the park. The park is already serviced with underground utilities on one side of the park and Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd shall extend the electricity, water and telecom services to the plot boundary.

The Riche Terre Business & Industrial Park offers attractive financial incentives with annual rental subsidised at 50% of the market rental for the first ten years. This is an opportunity not to be missed to have your business in such a strategic place.