Cote D’Or Project

The project consists of building a user-friendly city, named Cote D’Or City, which is intended to be the vibrant heart of modern living in Mauritius.

Built on a 920-hectare site at the center of the island, with mixed-use and liveable neighbourhoods, this sustainable city will be designed with pedestrians comfort and walkability in mind.

Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd, the owner of the site, is commissioned by the state to leverage its land resources to drive this change.

With everyone’s most frequent destinations at no more than 10-minute walks from users’ home or work, favouring fully integrated and socially inclusive neighbourhoods and a large diversity across the community, Cote D’Or expects to be vibrant and innovative.

Cote D’Or City will soon be a real option to work, learn, live and play.

Acting as Master Developer, Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd will partner with private investors and developers, Mauritian and foreign, to achieve this momentous project.