Seaport Freeport Zone

Conveniently located in the harbour area, next to the New Container Terminal, the Freeport Zone 6 in Mer Rouge is developed over 70 000 m². BPML Freeport Services Ltd (BFSL), a subsidiary of Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd manages the facility.

It comprises:

  • three dry steel warehouses of 5,000 m²
  • one dry steel warehouse of 9,000 m² rentable capacity,
  • an office block;
  • a 1,000 m² container storage area, providing a total capacity of 24,000 m² of container storage; and
  • yard space for the storage of imported vehicles.

The warehouses are equipped with raised floor, a continuous loading bay fitted with dock levellers and covered canopy.

The open-bonded car yard facility, developed over 5,000 m², is the largest in the Seaport Freeport Zone with over 350 numbered parking bays for storage of imported motor vehicles that are offered to local motor vehicle importers under Customs bond.

A 3000 m² container yard facility is equally available for outdoor storage of containers and cross docking activities.

Licensed under the Freeport Act 2001 (now Freeport Act 2014) as a Third-Party Freeport Developer (3PL), BFSL provides warehousing and logistics facilities and services to Freeport operators and local enterprises.