Plaisance Airport Freeport Zone

Located within the precincts of SSR International Airport, Freeport Zone 9 covers an area of 10,000 m².  It provides storage, processing and office facilities in a concrete building of 3,000 m².  Individual cabins ranging from 7 to 330 m² are offered for warehousing of low-volume, high-value goods meant for export by air.  A secured vault is available for highly valuable goods.

As from 2016, a total space of 112 m² of basic and unfurnished office and 1,000 m² of processing units have been put for rent.

Licensed under the Freeport Act 2001 (now Freeport Act 2014) BFSL provides warehousing and logistics facilities and services to Freeport operators and local enterprises.  BFSL is the only developer present in both Mer Rouge seaport and within the precincts of SSR International Airport.