Cote d’Or Sports Complex

The proposed international sports and training centre complex at Cote d’Or, Mauritius has easy access from the Terre Rouge-Verdun motorway, which also connects to the International airport.

The complex is expected to include a multi-sport stadium, able to host International football and rugby championships, an athletic track and multi-sport arena providing basketball and volleyball courts, with facilities for boxing, judo, karate, taekwondo, weightlifting, wrestling, yoga, and gymnastics. It will also include a swimming arena with Olympic size pool, diving facilities and training pools.

These facilities will be designed and planned to the highest international standards and are expected to become a catalyst for sporting achievement from across the country. As well as providing venues for matches, competitions, and championships, the complex will also be planned to include extensive training and outreach facilities and programs.

Hosting and organising international sporting events at Cote d’Or is expected to inspire people of all ages and communities to get involved in sport, fitness, and healthy lifestyle programmes. Combined with outreach programs to schools, colleges, workplaces and communities, the complex should become a centre for promoting fitness and health as a national priority.

After its completion, the Cote d’Or Sports Complex will not only be the centre of sporting activity in Mauritius but a flagship for sporting achievement and training across the east-African and Indian Ocean region.

While the proposed facilities will provide a venue for the international Indian Ocean Olympic Games in 2019, the main purpose of this sports complex is to provide an iconic long-term facility as a national flagship for healthy living, sport and fitness.