Ebène Cybercity

The Ebène Cybercity repair/regeneration project aims to provide the Ebène’s triangle’s users with a quality of life, neighbourhood comfort and mobility liable to impact positively on their health, morale, productivity and job satisfaction.

Reaching these objectives will require improving infrastructures and providing a full range of services.

Business Lines Seeking Investors & Entrepreneurs

  • Low cost cafeteria management
  • On site meals delivery
  • Management of parkings on site & off site
  • Ownership & Management of electric shuttles to and from the site
  • Kinesiologists/Trained instructors to manage gym work outs and health enhancing sessions
  • Management of open air cafés
  • Ownership and management of on-site bicycles & electric scooters
  • Rental of retail outlets along the canopied pedestrian corridors connecting towers