Project Context


Master Plan

Urban Design

Investment Potential

Project Context

The Cote d’Or City project comprises nearly a thousand hectares of prime land at the heart of the Island’s economic axes, fully under the ownership of Landscope. With close and easy direct access to the Port Louis conurbation and a direct motorway link to the international airport, the future city provides the best development opportunity for state-of-the-art urban growth in the coming decade.


Cote d’Or City will be more than a smart city. Combining the best of green technology, informatics, high connectivity and low energy transportation, our vision is for an intelligent city that provides a safe, healthy, stimulating and inclusive environment.  It will combine a rich mix of commercial, leisure, educational, cultural and residential offerings.  Its unique landscape setting combined with imaginative design and lively, vibrant, cultural and social mix will support a strong and unique idendity. Our goal is to create an internationally significant economic hub providing employment, inward investment and business opportunities to underpin the live-work ethos at the heart of our vision for this mixed-use sustainable community.

Master Plan

Cote d’Or City will be developed according to the comprehensive master plan which Landscope has commissioned. The plan embodies principles of new urbanism, eco-planning and smart liveable neighbourhoods. It provides a framework for the progressive implementation of key infrastructure and of development packages suitable to the widest range of investor/developer interests and financing. The plan provides future-proofing through use of a gridded layout. This will enable independent development packages catering to varied capital requirements and the adoption of new technologies as the city evolves. We welcome interest from developers keen to realise innovative social, financial and environmental approaches to any part of our state-of-the-art city.

Urban Design

Our urban design approach is to create an efficient, vibrant, stimulating and unique identity for the new city by using a range of designers and architectural styles compatible with our philosophy of a progressive, innovative and sophisticated urban setting. The city will have a high-quality public realm with attractive streets and parks that provide opportunities for varied lifestyles and the convenience and flexibility of living and working nearby. We envisage mixed-use, medium density, medium rise development designed to support healthy lifestyles, especially cycling, walking, neighbourhood and localised district activities. The development will be guided by the master plan and detailed design codes.

Movement & Circulation

The design of the city will prioritise pedestrian and cycle movements with a direct, safe and efficient circulation network connecting to high quality public transport. Liveable streets form the backbone of healthy neighbourhoods. They will allow vehicular access but favour pedestrian routes connecting neighbourhoods as well as being key public spaces in their own right. The circulation and utility infrastructure, to be provided by others, are outlined in order for developers to understand the context of investment in the various parcels available.

Public Transit

Good quality public transit is extremely important to a socially inclusive, sustainable, convenient and affordable transport network. Our plan is to create two transit corridors providing access within walkable distance to all areas of the city, removing dependence upon private cars and enabling all users comfortable and efficient transport regardless of their mobility or income. Transit systems also provide environmental benefits in terms of air quality, energy consumption, and reduced parking demand. The two main corridors, Boulevard de Bagatelle and Cote D’Or Boulevard will provide dedicated lanes for public transport to ensure quick and efficient travel throughout the city.

Park & Ride

Strategically located Park-and-Ride provision forms an important part of the overall transport strategy for Cote d’or City. The park-and-ride facilities will capture traffic entering the city from the north and south. They will be located on the transit corridors meaning that no additional infrastructure is required and commuters and visitors can easily switch from private transit modes. The park-and-ride facilities will provide efficient and secure parking as well as comfortable waiting and information facilities as well as convenience retail.

Pedestrian & Cycle Movement

Walking and cycling are the most sustainable forms of transport, providing affordable and healthy connectivity. The design of the city provides for easily accessible walkable catchments enabling users to walk or cycle and minimise the need for car journeys. This is a crucial element in delivering a sustainable new community at Cote D’Or. Local facilities, including public transport connections, are provided within walking and cycling distance of all residents who will be able to use well-designed, attractively landscaped routes that prioritise pedestrian and cycle movements across the City. They will connect the different centres and the strategic green network as well as connecting with adjacent developments such as Ebene Cyber City and the future ENL Smart City. The public realm throughout the city will favour pedestrians and other vulnerable users with state-of-the-art ‘complete street’ design.


A high quality of green space is planned for throughout the city and will be a key feature of Cote d’Or on a par with the lush landscape provision of cities like Singapore. The public realm will be a key feature of our city and will be made up of green streets connected to other attractively landscaped open spaces.

There are seven types of greenspace planned in Cote d’Or:

  • Greenways
  • District Parks
  • Greens
  • Squares
  • Plazas
  • Neighbourhood Parks and
  • Linear Parks

When completed Cote d’Or will be the greenest and most attractive urban environment in Mauritius.

Investment Proposition

Our approach to investment in Cote d’Or City is to invite third-party investors, developers and partners to build upon and leverage the major public investments already in place and planned in the area. We have an ambitious framework for change and are open to innovative approaches to investment and development that will generate profit as well as measurable public benefits.

We intend to attract significant investment into Cote d’Or City by providing opportunities for institutional investors in landmark projects, medium and small sized projects for all types of investors and the possibility of crowdfunding for infrastructure and other public goods including schools, health and community facilities, public transport connections.

Public and private sector funding as well as PPP and other forms of financing will be needed to kick start the delivery of:

  • A high quality public realm network including streetscapes,
  • Well connected and seamless local circulation systems,
  • A prosperous hub for business
  • A safe, secure and attractive place to live
  • Low-carbon and other sustainability initiatives