Cote D’Or City

The Cote D’Or City project occupies a total area of approximately 920 hectares in the Plaine Wilhems district in Mauritius.

This project will be designed through mixed-use development comprising offices, business facilities, knowledge-hubs, innovation facilities, ICT-based industries, entertainment components and eco-tourism facilities.

The projects are targeted to private or preferably PPP-type financing via project-specific funding vehicles that reduce the risk to public funds.

The master plan and the Phase 1 will be required to:

  • Deliver mixed use development focusing on innovation, sustainability, efficiency and quality of life
  • Deliver environment-friendly working, living, leisure, generating its own resources as far as reasonably possible in terms of energy and utilities
  • Promote and coordinate the efficient and economic use and development of land
  • Manage and conserve natural and man-made resources
  • Create economic activities resulting in increased foreign direct investment and exports
  • Promote efficient use of transport infrastructure
  • Reduce reliance on private car and provision of safe and efficient travel by public transport, cycle and on foot