Chairperson’s Message

Landscope (Mauritius) Ltd has many years’ of experience in land management and property development, including industrial premises and offices. We promote conference and exhibition infrastructures and as well, a nature park in the south of the island.

Landscope assets and human resources warrant bold ambitions. Its 2,000 hectares of land can support its objective of being a master developer on the real estate market and a town builder.

We are called upon to look into the future and develop a walkable, socially inclusive, user-friendly town in the center of the island. Located on the former Highlands sugar domain, this development will necessitate detailed planning and design.

The project’s master planning has been awarded to a reputed consultancy. In-house, we have put up a team of committed professionals to see the project through to completion. Part of the work over the coming years will consist in collecting views and opinions from stakeholders and concerned citizens. Essential to design space and habitat in a sustainable way, this participative approach will remain Landscope’s distinctive trait.